Friday, 25 February 2011

More dress and corset...

Snatching 10 minutes here, and 10 minutes there (and a whole half hour after I finished working last, before I started hand sewing for work), I've got a little more done on these.

The corset:

I've now cut out the interlining, as well as the outer layers - I've tweaked the Victorian pattern that I'm using a little - other than the updating to a modern sizing that I'd already done, obviously.

I've raised the centre front a bit, and squared it off, and dropped the top of the centre back.  I've rounded off the botton of the CF, and taken the bottom of the CB down to a point.  I've also lengthened it very slightly, and shaved a little of the bust space out from the front, to make it a smidge more 'pushy-uppy'.

And this is the result - one half all cut out:

The dress...

I've cut out most of the bodice now - only the centre front panel remains, with which I'm still experimenting.

And I've cut the satin layer of the skirt too.

This is the bodice - front above, and back below - the back satin and georgette layers are exactly the same - with the front the georgette has a little more allowed for gathering over the bust (I didn't do a separate pattern for this, but just allowed for it when I was marking out before I cut it).  On the right of the picture are some strips of georgette that will make up the straps.

The front of the skirt - the dart is deliberately at a funny angle, and it's cut to the fold (the dart is marked with tailor's tacks).

The back of the skirt - again another funny angle for the dart (I like trying out different things).  It's marked in chalk here, although I have now used tacks again.

And that's as far as I am so far!

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