Tuesday, 22 February 2011

A corset.

Today's my birthday, so I'm doing stuff I want to, rather than stuff I have to.

I designed this corset (or pair of corsets - one's under and one's over bust, obviously), last year, but haven't got around to making it yet.  (The photo file tells me I photographed it at the start of January 2010, though I'd designed it over Christmas).

Rough sketch below (very rough!).

So I decided that today's the day!

The actual design is based loosely on a rifles dolman (Napoleonic).

So far today I've done the pattern for the overbust version (in a basic sample size 12, because I already had a block to adapt in that size).

I now have to work out what materials I'm using - the braiding will probably be a russia or tubular, and the outer fabric either a wool or a silk. 

So the next step, this afternoon, will be to go and find the fabric and get on with it!

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