Sunday, 15 August 2010


Ok, I've finally succumbed, joined the 21st century, and started a blog. I'm very new to all this, so do bear with me.

It's my intention that this blog will be a sort of 'semi-pro' blog.  Or 'semi-personal', depending on which way round you look at it.  It will never be an out and out commercial blog such as you see on some sites, because they're dry, and a bit boring (and frankly I find the endless sales pitch to be kind of tacky).

So just me writing about my work and the stuff I do for fun - which does tend to overlap a bit.  But it could well cover anything, from what I've been making, to what I've been researching, to anything I've seen or done that's inspired me or interested me.  (I wasn't kidding in my profile when I said my Nana taught me to sew to stop me sticking my fingers in sockets - I was interested in what would happen - I've never really lost the interest in things around me.)

Anyway, my entire life (pretty much) is spent sewing and designing. If I'm not making historical costume, I'm making modern clothes; if I'm not making things for customers, I'm making things for me (or just for the hell of it); if I'm not making clothing of some sort, I'm making other sewn things; and if I'm not sewing, I'm drawing, or buying fabric, or writing about sewing, or thinking about sewing.  Obsessive - moi?

That being the case, the posts to this blog may on occasion be patchy. I plan to post often - at the minimum once a month, but the sewing really has to come first, so if I disappear for a while, that's why. On the upside of that, when I do get back to the 'puter, I should have lots of things to write about.

Now then - about me - as you can see by reading about me, I'm an historical costumer.  I design and make modern clothing too.  I don't really have a period of special interest - I'll make things from just about any era.  I have a low boredom threshold - I get very bored if I have to spend too long in one historical period (including the modern day).

Anyway - that's my introduction - I'll be writing again soon about whatever takes my fancy, be it modern clothes, historical clothes, or just things I'm making in general, and about things I've been up to recently. And I'll add some photos.

So as I said in the title, hello, if anybody's reading this out there in the world!