Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Corset and dress (continued)

A very quick post (because I'm running late today) with more about both the corset and the dress I posted about yesterday.

The dress is, as I said, in a crepe sating that I already had - and with a georgette overlay.  Both of these are light blue - the georgette is ligther (in colour) than the satin (it's a given that it's lighter in weight!).

These are they, side by side.

The pattern for the under (satin) layer is all done - it's cut to fit the stand tightly at the moment - I'll be adding a little (not too much) ease into it when I cut it in the fabric.

Here are pics of it (in paper) on the stand in the corner of my sewing room.  The white lines on the dummy are the narrow bits of tape marking out the design lines.

It's not cut to the full length it'll be - though it's not meant to be long, it'll be a little longer than the almost micro mini length it is at the moment.

 The corset is well on it's way too - I've cut it and started making it up - I have less photos of that, but the fabric I picked is a dark blue (shot black) taffeta that I've had for a while. 

The braiding is going to be done in a silver twist cord.  Now, yes, that means it's going to be more difficult to do...  I looked at black russia braid, but don't have enough that's not already spoken for - and I looked at silver, but it was much too shiney and looked tacky - the silver twist is a bit duller, and it goes well.

I haven't picked the buttons yet, and may well sort those out at the weekend or later - they don't have to be added till the corset's nearly finished, so it's no biggie.

The interlining is a cotton / linen (union) canvas that I have left over from something else - not decided on the lining yet.

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