Thursday, 27 March 2014

Website, and competition good news...

Firstly, certain people will be happy to hear that The Great Website Rebuild has begun.

A while ago now the website got corrupted.   I repaired it as best as I could given the time I had available - but it isn't really up to par, and it needs rebuilding desperately.  I do web stuff around sewing, at weekends, in the evenings, and on trains, on days off, etc, so it will take me a while... but I've broken the first blank page!

Secondly, a while ago now, I entered a competition with the Heritage Crafts Association, on something of  a whim, and at almost the very last minute.
And (girly squeal! and childlike bounce!) I came in the top three!!!   Of a national competition!!!!!

You had to submit four pictures of work in progress, and four of completed pieces - here are my pics of the completed stuff:

And my 'in progress shots...

Thursday, 2 January 2014

Happy New Year!!

I'm not officially back at work until next week, (and am not that web-present at the moment, as my laptop is still at the menders), but wanted to briefly say 'Happy New Year' to everybody!

As you'll have seen, if you've read the rest of my blog, 2013 was rough for me, but Ill be starting out on 2014 on Monday with lots of hope for it being much better.  Thank you to everybody who's been kind to me during the horrible times!

And a piece of good news I had at my HNC graduation, when I looked in my little certificate folder - I did graduate with a distinction for my hats after all.  *HUGE grin*!!