Tuesday, 22 February 2011

A Dress

'Want to' project number two...

And another that I designed more than a year ago and haven't got around to yet (although the design has already changed a bit in the working, as usually happens with me...). 

This is the design (design right me, clearly!).  (Ignore the dodgy face - I've given up doing faces on sketches, because I am, and always was, rubbish at them, and no amount of guidance from my design tutor ever helped.)

The fabric I'm using for this one is a crepe backed satin, quite a heavy synthetic one, because I had it in - if I were buying the fabric I'd be using a silk).  And the overlay is a georgette, so a crepe weave again.

So far I've cut the pattern, on the stand, which I'll be photographing later on and posting. 

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