Saturday, 23 July 2011

Heraldic Wedding Cloaks

I made these as a wedding present for some friends.

They were married at a (mostly) ruined 14th century castle in Scotland. 

The groom's cloak is in his family 'colours'.  The bride's cloak is reversible - her 'colours' on one side, and the groom's on the other.

The groom's cloak in black and white:

 The bride's own family colours in red and white:
(Photos taken on the spare bed in our hotel room!! Sorry!)

When she arrived for the ceremony, the bride was wearing the cloak with her colours exposed.  After the ceremony, she turned the cloak around, so that her new husband's colours were visible.

The 'badges', or motifs on the cloaks (on both sides) were cut from white wool (Hainsworths again).  The black detail on the badges is sewn on in black thread.  I originally stated doing this by hand, using backstitch.  Unfortunately, I was running short of time towards the end, so I had to do some by machine.

And no, I can't tell any longer which were by hand and which by machine, either!

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