Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Oh, how I hate raw cotton!!!!!

But it does create such a nice effect... *sigh*

I used it recently on this padded jack (photos taken at the Re-enactor's Market).

This is made in two layers - an outer, quilted with raw cotton, and a lining, also quilted with raw cotton.  The sleeves are only quilted in the outer layer (or it really would be Michelin Man like)!  The sleeve puffs are also stuffed with cotton fleece.

The quilting is done by machine, but due to the thickness of the padding, the seams are all sewn by hand, and the edging is all attached by hand.

Raw cotton is not the pleasantest material to work with, as the title suggests - you simply can't work with it without a mask, (without getting 'weaver's cough') and even with a mask, at the end of a week, you feel as though you've inhaled a small cotton plantation.

But it looks so nice once it's all done.

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