Thursday, 21 April 2011

A cloche hat in progress

A few weeks ago I started making hats in my 20 minutes of 'nice' (i.e. not work) sewing at the end of the day.

This is the first - still in progress, but close to being finished.

It's a sewn cloche - six panelled. 

My inspiration for it was a 1920s 'Vogue' cover, of a girl wearing a green hat, with a deep (low sitting) crown and a close fitting brim.

It's made in a crepe satin, which is covered with an unpanelled layer of soft rhinestoned tulle,  (i.e. the tulle is all in one piece, with the fullness at the base of the crown evenly distributed in gathers).  The brim is covered with a straight piece of the tulle, which also gathers at the base of the crown.

The lining, (still to be attached), and brim underside are in the same satin as the outer. 

The silver trim is cut from embroidered tulle, and the feathers (purple), are individual stands of ostrich feather, cut off a plume and sewn on separately.

The crown is interlined with one layer of linen buckram, and the brim with two.

Quite happy with it - is ages since I made hats!

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