Saturday, 20 November 2010

Static Museum Display

What with the Re-enactor's Market (TORM, aka The Original Re-enactor's Market), last weekend, and so much work to do in the run up to it, I haven't had the chance to post pictures of this recent job.

This is for a permanent static display, created by a sculpture company, for a museum in the Channel Isles.

The stuff was actually delivered a few months ago, but I got the photos from the client a few weeks ago.  Forgive the background - it's not 'in situ' yet, and these are taken in the sculptor's workshop.

I made (or obtained!) the stuff for the figure on the left of the picture, with the blue gambeson.

There's a shirt, a gambeson (the blue), and a pair of hand sewn hosen.

The backseam is handsewn using backstitch, and then the seam is sewn down a second time, and the hems made, using a variation of whipstitch.  The eyelet is reinforced with an internal metal ring.  The photo has been lightened a bit to allow the stitching to be seen!

Non-sewn items (eg armour, etc) were provided by Mark Vickers, Cap-a-Pie, Kevin Garlick, Dr Timothy Dawson, and Armour Class.

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